Kolbe Team Workshop

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This pricing is per person. If would like to purchase the workshop for multiple people, make sure to purchase the quantity you want. 

The Kolbe A Index is an assessment designed to measure the conative part of the mind - the instinctive talents that drive the way a person takes action. It determines the M.O. (Mode of Operation) for an individual. This is a valuable team workshop because you learn how each person gets work done so that you can reduce personal and professional stress, increase productivity, enhance communication and work through misunderstandings with coworkers. 

With the purchase of the Kolbe Team Workshop, you receive a Kolbe A assessment for each person in your group and a 90-minute workshop with one of Elevate's Certified Kolbe Consultants, Katie or Billy. This workshop can take place in person or virtually over Zoom. 

To see a replay of a recent training our team did about Kolbe and how to leverage your team's strengths, visit elevateexperiences.easywebinar.live/replay-strengths. 

If you want to schedule a call to talk through this option before purchasing, contact Kolbe@elevateexperiences.com.