Elevate Your Culture Leader Manual  (Physical Item)

Elevate Your Culture Leader Manual (Physical Item)

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*This resource is meant to be used alongside the Elevate Your Culture Activity Guide and is not recommended as a stand alone product.

The Elevate Your Culture Leader Manual was created with leaders in mind and is a guide for how to best take your team through the Elevate Your Culture Activity Guide. As you dive into the meaningful conversations our Activity Guide helps to create, use this manual to prepare for those moments with your team. Inside you’ll find advice for preparation, questions to ask your group, and activities to help you solidify the information your team will discover throughout the Elevate Your Culture Activity Guide.

Why purchase this resource?

It can be intimidating to lead a group of individuals through the most important conversations within an organization: team culture. This Leader Manual will take you step by step as you dive into every chapter and topic of the Activity Guide. By using this resource, you'll feel more confident as a leader. This guide will help you:

  • Best prepare to facilitate your group discussions
  • Better understand the concepts inside the Activity Guide
  • Effectively lead your team through meaningful and engaging conversations
  • Get the most out of the Elevate Your Culture content
  • Lead your team toward a healthier organizational culture